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I struggle to socialise because of my chronic illness?

Hello, It's me, blogging again. Today I am blogging about socialising and how I struggle with it and making friends mostly due to my chronic illness and in part related to my mental illnesses. So I have been chronically ill since I was 11. Which in short made me feel ill a lot of the… Continue reading I struggle to socialise because of my chronic illness?

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“You Look Well”

Hello again readers of my blog. Today I'm writing about the "You look well" or "You look healthy" or any other variation of the two comment that people quite often make. The comment that many people with eating disorders find triggering, they find to be one their head twists to mean "Your fat" "You've gained… Continue reading “You Look Well”

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How Chronic illness changed me

Hello, today I want to make a ┬ápost about how my chronic illness (Most likely endo) changed me. Because that's what it did. It changed me, a lot. In some ways good, and in most ways bad. Anyways let's get started. I guess the first change was that I went from being an active child… Continue reading How Chronic illness changed me

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Feeling like a failure

We all know a┬álot of people with eating disorders are also perfectionists and I am not one of the exceptions. The problem is I see most people in the recovery community meeting the overly high expectations they set for themselves. Which, don't get me wrong is great for them, but it doesn't help much when… Continue reading Feeling like a failure

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Understanding Emetophobia

Today I'm making a blog post about something slightly different than usual but something I have experience with and something which only recently I have not felt so alone with. Emetophobia is a fear of vomiting which in some cases can be debilitating and always intervines with "normal life." I don't know how long I've… Continue reading Understanding Emetophobia