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The Difference between being Well and Chronically sick.

One of the biggest problems us Chronically ill face is the lack of understanding from those who don't suffer the same afflictions. Which, I get it. You can't understand something like this. Something that you've never been experienced before and sounds so alien from your healthy person life. I feel one of the best ways… Continue reading The Difference between being Well and Chronically sick.

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Combined fear and excitment

I feel like this is something everyone has probably experienced in there life. With relation to one aspect of it or another. It's probably something people with chronic illness feel quite a lot, when trying new treatments. As I am only new to trying actual treatment. Not new to being ill. These emotions, the combination… Continue reading Combined fear and excitment

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Living in a World of Fear and Confusion

I guess the title of this blog sums up what it's like to have an undiagnosed illness, especially one that is chronic in nature. One whereby one day you get sick and ┬áthen you never get better. Bonus points for having an illness that hits when your young and lost and there are many other… Continue reading Living in a World of Fear and Confusion