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The reality of Anxiety

I feel like not many people understand anxiety. The havoc it can wreck on someones life. How it leave someone feeling trapped. With no way out. No way to grow or succeed. People also believe that when people with anxiety have panic attacks it's obvious and shows physical signs. But not all people with anxiety… Continue reading The reality of Anxiety

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I stopped exercising for 3 weeks and…

Hello beautiful angels who read my blog post. So the title gives this one away a little. My writings today will be about me stopping exercise for 3 weeks and the effects of that. Now. Nothing drastic happened. I don’t think I’ve gained any weight and if I have my clothes still fit so who… Continue reading I stopped exercising for 3 weeks and…

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To people who have never experienced the hardship of mental/chronic illnesses…

Please be kind, we are incredibly fragile people. We break easily. Both literally and metaphorically speaking. We need treating with care. Please remember this before you say anything judgemental. Please don't say any of the below list: Why don't you just try? - We are trying. So much more than you can see. Unfortunately, us spoonies… Continue reading To people who have never experienced the hardship of mental/chronic illnesses…

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8 reasons why I’m thankful for my illness

This probably seems somewhat strange to some people. Why would anyone be thankful for their body hating them. Limiting their ability to enjoy life, live life and keep up with their peers in all aspects of life. But I am, however awful it may be sometimes and however much I hate my body at times… Continue reading 8 reasons why I’m thankful for my illness

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Between Law and Theatre

So it must have been November time when i came up with the clever idea to change degrees, change the course of my life. And embark on the journey of considering, thinking and eventually applying for and getting an offer to study Theatre at the university I currently attend and study Law at. Now this… Continue reading Between Law and Theatre

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Combined fear and excitment

I feel like this is something everyone has probably experienced in there life. With relation to one aspect of it or another. It's probably something people with chronic illness feel quite a lot, when trying new treatments. As I am only new to trying actual treatment. Not new to being ill. These emotions, the combination… Continue reading Combined fear and excitment