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6 weeks of 2nd year

Hello again readers of my blog. Today I am coming to you after 6 weeks of second year. Well six weeks of lectures. 7 if you count freshers week and 8 if you consider the fact that reading week is almost over. The last 6 weeks have been hard. I started out trying to do… Continue reading 6 weeks of 2nd year

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Between Law and Theatre

So it must have been November time when i came up with the clever idea to change degrees, change the course of my life. And embark on the journey of considering, thinking and eventually applying for and getting an offer to study Theatre at the university I currently attend and study Law at. Now this… Continue reading Between Law and Theatre

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Uni Anxiety Already?

Hello everyone, today I just need to get things out. And rather than talk them through because lets face it. I have no one to talk to. I'm going to write the through in the hope that someone may help reassure and calm me about what the rest of my life or the next 4… Continue reading Uni Anxiety Already?